Recipe for Racism: Why Paula Deen Shouldn’t Get A Pass

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That her racism is unthinking, such an integral part of her that she initially shrugged it off as little more than the result of being raised in the racist South 60 plus years ago, is all the more disturbing. It’s not the virulent racist that is most disturbing because they make no effort to hide who they are. They’ll just tell you straight up that they don’t like n—rs, and don’t believe that Black folks are good for anything but picking cotton and these days, collecting welfare and other entitlement checks. The 13th Amendment means nothing to them because in their limited minds, America started its slow decline from the patriarchal and misogynistic domination of the white man once they released Black folks from slave shackles.

The Paula Deens of the world are a greater problem. They are the ones who secretly continue to believe in white superiority. They are the ones who think a racist joke is funny when out of earshot of any of their black friends but who would deny their racism if called on that hypocrisy. They are the white liberals who know what’s best for Black people from their lofty place of white privilege, never considering that Black folks, like anyone else, deserve the ability to determine what’s best for themselves. They are the friends who tell you they are “color-blind” or “don’t see race” while earnestly wondering why some Black people find that offensive.

Since my grandmother was a better cook than Paula Deen could ever be, there’s no need for me to stop watching her show or buying her cookbooks or eating at her restaurants because I never did any of those things in the first place. And years of working in entertainment have already convinced me that carefully crafted public images are usually just that – images. It’s just too bad that it’s not as easy to ignore, deflect or avoid the unthinking racism that exists in every nook and cranny of life as a Black person in America. Paula Deen will learn her very public lesson – I’m sure she’s booking a sit-down with Oprah right now – and her transgression will likely be shrugged off.

Despite the publicity now surrounding her case, Lisa Jackson might not even win her suit. And since many of Deen’s customers share her views, her business might not even suffer – much. But for some, Paula Deen’s inability to face her own deep-rooted racism leaves a bad taste, a recipe for disaster one of America’s most beloved personalities would never have wanted to cook up.

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15 thoughts on “Recipe for Racism: Why Paula Deen Shouldn’t Get A Pass

    • I SAID she was white, when I repeated white it was a typo and I think you understood the typo. Why make an issue out of a typo. You should have directed your comment at the writer instead of at me.

  1. Is this the big blue eyed lady who invited Oprah and Gail over for a tea and sleepover and had them sleeping in the maids quarters overnight?

  2. I’m glad her mask was ripped off and her true self is now exposed. She will keep a lot of her white supporters but if black people continue to make her richer then shame on them.

  3. A Guest House. How many people OWN a GUEST HOUSE? That’s pretty fancy in my words.
    As for Paula Deen using the N-Word, BLACK PEOPLE need to look at this matter a little closer.

    Blacks use this profanity towards other blacks all the time. When I was a child in the ’60′s & ’70′s, black people were self-conscience about using the N-word in the present of non-blacks. Today, this profanity is tossed around all kinds of people like a bowl of salad. Non-blacks in many cases are really embarrass when they hear black people refer to other black people as … NIGGERS!

  4. Dang I had some good ones

    The Real House Slaves of Mississippi
    So You Think You Can Run From Massa
    Celebrity Slave Swap
    Slave Idol
    Say Yes To The Slave Dress
    Air Slave Airlines
    Hot Buttered Slaves
    The Midnight Slave Train to Georgia
    Carnival Cruise Slave Ship Line
    Dancing with the Slaves

    Mass told me to “turn off the lights I’m coming in your cabin”. Sing to the tune of Teddy Pendergrass
    Let’s whip the last slaves tonighttttttttt-Sing to the tune of Donna Summer

    • Absolutely too funny and tragic because if some of these new age bigots could have these shows become a reality they would.

  5. An Ode to Our Favorite Southern gal, Paula Deen entitled, “When Southern Chefs Go Bad”.

    Paula Deen, Paula Deen… have you no clue?
    You used the “N” word and exclaimed “what did I do?”
    You thought you were cute with your sly southern wit
    You had no regrets then, huh? Not one little bit!
    But now your big ass has been called out and it has caused such a fuss
    I thought we told y’all racist crackaz stop fuggin’ wit us!
    Oh Paula Deen, Paula DEEN… child, you are oh so misguided!
    And now you sit and wonder why your career has been blighted?
    As you can see, my southern belle… fat and fluffy as a hen
    It will be a cold day in hell before the south rises again!
    Your apology today was so pathetic and so lame
    I expected much more from such a “fine southern dame”
    You tried SO hard to be genuine, so veritable and true
    Without the faintest notion that it’s not about YOU!
    We could care less about your family’s belief that all should be defended
    It’s about the people who helped create you, whom you so viciously offended
    So in closing, Ms. Deen, I hope you have learned
    It’s been on the backs of many colored folk by which your fortunes have been earned
    Bite your tongue next time, Ms. Deen… don’t let that “N” word slip!
    Lest one day you find yourself on the wrong end of a whip!!!

  6. Let us not forget that when Oprah and gail went to stay with Paula, they had to sleep in the GUEST HOUSE. I am sure they would have liked to stay in her 10 room house!

  7. America has short term memory loss. I saw her t.v. show a couple of times and I determined by her actions and her ways that she was nasty and racist. On a Christmas special she had made enough food for an army, then went outside for a group of black children from a home could sing Christmas carols and then she mentioned how they are underprivileged. She went back inside and sat at her table and ate- while those kids sat outside singing looking hungry. Other statements she has made leave only the deaf in the dark about her being racist. I say she is nasty because she licks the spoon and puts it back into the food. She licks her fingers and sticks them back into the food she is cooking to serve other people. She does not use a tasting spoon just everyone puts their hands into the pots like it is OK- that is nasty.

    • She’s very nasty. I sent an e-mail to the Food Nework about her licking the spoon and sticking her fingers in the food. They never responded.

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