Russell Simmons Blasts the NRA for Hiring Black Spokesman

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  • The NRA (National Rifle Association) has recently unveiled a new campaign to target the black community. Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons believes that the NRA is trying to convince black people that they need guns to fight “the man”. Adding that recent hiring of “urban gun enthusiast” Colion Noir is also problematic. Read his opinion below.

    Fear is the greatest weapon used against the defenseless. It is one that makes a group of people believe in interests that are contrary to their very own preservation. It throws people off balance. It is a tactic that confuses the blurred minds of those who are in struggle. And right now, it is the best ammunition that the National Rifle Association can muster.

    Just recently, the NRA has placed their bulls-eye on the heart of Black America with their new advertisement starring some black guy with a Yankees hat! Like Black guys wearing Yankees hats can have any success in this world!:) But with all seriousness, I find the message of this new video by the NRA deeply troubling, where the guy in the Yankees hat is advocating that our people arm themselves and fight the government (all under the banner of the NRA). Quite hypocritical of them, as during the Civil Rights movement, when the government was overtly oppressing our people, the NRA was quick to pressure legislatures across the country to get the guns out of the hands of the Black militants who were ready to fight back. I guess those weren’t the “well-regulated militias” they had in mind when they read their version of the Second Amendment. But, now that we have a Black President, and we have made great progress in creating a more equal playing field in America (although we still have much work to do), the NRA is encouraging us to pick up guns again and start poppin’. With smokescreens and a barrage of bullets, the NRA is intentionally playing into the fears of a very few people. Very, very few.

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