Black History 365 Days a Year

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3.  Once a month when you watch a movie, make it a documentary about ANY aspect of your history

4.  Chapter of the month – if a whole boo a month is too much, read a chapter a month, individually, or as a family of a book related to a period or person.

5.  Your Family Story – During the next family reunion, holiday, or gathering, charge the kids in the family to use their camera phones to interview the 5 oldest members of the family, and put together your own family story.

6. Become black history as you live out your best life. Remember God blessed you not just to learn history but to make it.

If you do this once a month for the next 11 months, how much more will we each has to offer, share, and celebrate next February? One day we may have studied and shared enough to not need a special Black History Month…. but we are not quite there yet.

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4 thoughts on “Black History 365 Days a Year

  1. this article is exactly what we need,as we begin to reach for OUR HISTORY waht we will find are the clues needed to handle our current standing in the world. but more importantly at this time (and i say this as a chicagoan) deal with OUR COMMUNITIES. as a people are elders would pass down nuggets of our history and over time as we grew it digested. we now have much younger elders . what i mean to say is our children our now parents we are at least two generations into a culture that has 45 year old grandmothers and 15 year old mothers. I AM NEEDED IN MY COMMUNITY AND SO ARE YOU.the trend we seem to have is alarming as we begin to grow in strengh in finance we leave the areas we grew up in and leave with the needed knowledge and abilities. we move to the areas that were designed for others to get away from us ie; “white flight” the knowledge we need to survive we have it lies within our history.

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