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. I hope you and all listening had a great Labor Day Weekend. There are two stories that caught my attention over the past few days that I believe send a message to every single member of the TJMS family. The first is the amazing story of Diana Nyad, the 64-year-old that yesterday became the […]

As most of you know, we are coming up on the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. There will be a ton of events leading up to the actual Anniversary next week on August 28, 2013. But as we talk about the March and more important all the people who were a part of […]

The time to go back to school is around the corner and I know that many parents and caregivers are getting clothes, books, and supplies ready for the first day. And while we spend a ton of time, energy and money-getting our kids, and some helping others kids get ready…the question is are WE ready. […]

Yesterday I heard Harry Belafonte speak about he and his daughter living with Dyslexia, and following his speech I watched the coolest thing happen. He was being ushered out of the building to go to his next event, and upon seeing me there with my two sons Myles 11 and Malcolm 10 he stopped, pulled […]

As I speak with you there are a group of mostly young people who have been peacefully protesting in the Florida State Capital since Tuesday July 16th. They are demanding that Florida Governor Rick Scott “CONVENE A SPECIAL SESSION OF THE LEGISLATURE TO ENACT “TRAYVON’S LAW”: TO REPEAL STAND YOUR GROUND, CONFRONT RACIAL PROFILING, AND […]

For years people have talked about the digital divide. And even on this show I have talked about utilizing technology for empowerment and encouraging people to go as far to learn code to open up opportunities to new employment. But we know we are living in challenging times when not only do people have disproportionate […]

Trayvon’s murder and Zimmerman’s case have reminded me that there is some under the surface work that we need to do. I support all the work around pushing the federal case and mobilizing around local and state elections. But there is something that as a community we used to do more often and I believe […]

I like all of you know how important sports are to so many people around the world. That is why the moves of our favorite or not so favorite players on and off of our teams of choice, or better yet teams of passion seem to make us react so emotionally. Hell, it is why […]

Jeff Johnson talks with the TJMS crew about the ways social media has impacted the George Zimmerman trial.

– Jeff Johnson talks with the TJMS about the Supreme Court decision to uphold Affirmative Action.

Well, it is clear that Jay Z just took the game to another level yet again. Going platinum before your music comes out is a new high for an industry that mostly cries about not being able to move units. As many of you know, Samsung reportedly paid $5 for each of the 1 million […]

Jeff Johnson calling in from South Africa talks with the TJMS about the ailing condition of former South African President Nelson Mandela and his legacy.