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In the latest issue of JET Magazine, Laz Alonso, who stars in the NBC thriller “Deception”, opened up about being single, his contribution to sexiness, wanting to have kids, and how he’ll be spending his Valentine’s Day.

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Here are the highlights:

On Being Labeled a Heartthrob:

“I don’t take it too seriously because looks fade. We all are going to get older and that whole heartthrob label will go to someone else… Regardless of how you look, the way you make a person feel, that’s eternal.”

On Relationships:

“When dating somebody, I like to see them laugh and make the times we spend together more fun than they could ever imagine.”

On Fatherhood:

“I want kids— just not out of wedlock… Because my father died when I was young, I’m extra cautious about not creating a single-parent home.”

The issue hits newsstands Monday, January 28th.


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