Reverend Whalum Defends Rap Video (Watch)

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  • Pastor of the New Olivet Baptist Church in Memphis, Tenn., Reverend Kenneth Whalum Jr., has a new rap music video and many members of his congregation and other preachers are not happy about it.

    Whalum created the song with hopes of “taking the streets back”; using the rap song as a tool to hopefully reach out to youth through the kind of music they listen to.

    He told reporters, “for like, 3 weeks in a row, all we’ve seen is teenagers being killed and shot by other teenagers – gang bangers doing what gang bangers do… we need to encourage our children.”

    The song called “Hip-Hop is Not Our Enemy” features a video filled with members of his congregation singing and dancing over the hip-hop beat which includes lyrics like “he’s more than a conqueror” and “if demons step up in my space Im’a tear them apart.”

    Watch the video above and let us know if you think the video is inappropriate.


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