Real Fathers, Real Men: Kenneth Johnson

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    Dear Mr. Joyner:

    Kenneth Johnson is my father and he is a real father.

    We lost my mother, baby brother who was six months old, and my grandmother in a car crash when I was eight years old.  It is really hard to not have a mother growing up.  My dad had to take that responsibility to take care of me by himself.

    I was also in the crash and I sustained two broken arms. He took care of me through all of it and showed me that we can move on even though they aren’t in our lives anymore.

    I didn’t THINK that i could survive without a mother because I needed her to help me with female problems, but my dad showed me that I can tell him everything. He is truly the blessing.  He is more than a father and a best friend to me.  He is my angel! Without him, I don’t think I would be the young lady I am today.  He motivated me when I was a gymnast and he is the perfect pageant mom when I am competing.

    He is a “Real Father, Real Man” because he has done everything that he can do for me to be successful.  He has been struggling the past few months and now I want to do something amazing for him. I want my dad to just take a vacation from all the madness and for him to relax without stressing. I don’t like him feeling the way he does and it’s time for me to be his angel Thank you so much for taking the time TO read my letter.

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