Detroit Mom to Stay in Jail in Daughter’s Death

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Graves declined to comment, as did Thomasine Jefferson, an attorney who represented Greene in the child-welfare matter. Messages seeking comment were left with Smart and Neilson.

Greene remains in jail without bail on the felony murder charge, which is the equivalent of first-degree murder. She faces life in prison without parole if convicted. She also is charged with first-degree child abuse.

Defense attorney Cornelius Pitts suggested Greene should undergo a mental-health exam. Magistrate Steve Lockhart said the issue could be raised at the next hearing, on Jan. 16.

“It would appear there is a serious question to the emotional and mental state,” Pitts told reporters.

Tameria’s brothers, ages 1 to 7, now are in foster care.

Her death came at the end of a particularly brutal year in Detroit. By Thanksgiving, the city had surpassed the 344 criminal homicides reported in all of 2011. Mayor Dave Bing said there were 386 slayings in 2012.

“We’ve lost respect for each other. We’ve lost respect for life,” Bing said Thursday.

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5 thoughts on “Detroit Mom to Stay in Jail in Daughter’s Death

  1. Everyone involved, everyone that had to sign their John Hancock on documentation that allowed this clearly disturbed mother to keep her children should be fired and/or punished. This is their job. This is what they do to get paid. Sound like a lot of people is stealing from the state because they are just collecting a check and NOT doing their jobs. That judge signed the paperwork in agreement with these referees without doing his homework is just as much at fault as all the others that were involved.

    • Yes, the judge and anyone that was involved should be charged with this babies murder. If you go to the store with someone that is stealing, you are charged with the crime as well. So, this monster killed this beautiful little girl and they knew she was capable of this. They are just as much at fault as she is. May God’s heavenly angels usher this babies spirit straight to Him. My heart is broken over all the senseless killing of children.

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