13-Year-Old Artist Takes Talent to Film

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Rebecca has now entered the world of storyboard painting, which is the graphic organization of illustrations or images in the early stages of visualizing a film, interactive media sequences, animation or motion graphic.

Hip hop filmmaker Tim Greene (“An Intimate Interview With the Masaai,” “Raykwan’s Cuties”), sent Rebecca’s mother, Eve Lowery, an email asking if Rebecca could do a story board painting for one of his movies.

Rebecca and her family attended Greene’s “Lil Homeez” casting call four years ago in Charlotte, where she auditioned for a movie and she has participated in recent film-related events for Greene in Atlanta and Charlotte.

“People who are persistent and consistent, I eventually give them a shot. I saw that Rebecca had other great talent besides acting and I put her in my projects,” Greene said, adding, “No other black girl is doing storyboards that I know of.”

Greene said Rebecca dazzled the Atlanta representatives with her intellect and is a role model for other gents and other kids are inspired by her.

“Tim’s a strong pillar for our family. He allows us to learn more about the industry, very supportive and we appreciate him for that,” Eve Lowery said.

Rebecca’s advice for other youngsters is pretty simple:

“Draw if it makes you happy, keep on doing it.  Follow your passion and keep at it.”

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One thought on “13-Year-Old Artist Takes Talent to Film

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