Mich. Voters Welcome Eight-Time Felon into State House

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During the election, Banks openly discussed his criminal past which included writing a bad check in Grosse Pointe Woods, an area he will now serve.

He has a law degree and is currently pursuing his PhD.

In 2010, Michigan voters agreed to an amendment prohibiting anyone convicted of a felony in the past 20 years from running for public office. However, the felony must be “related to the person’s official capacity while holding any elective office.” 

Banks drew support from unions such as the United Auto Workers. He was also endorsed by Wayne County Sherriff Benny Napoleon until Napoleon found out about Banks’ past convictions.

Banks is not the only one in the Michigan legislature with a criminal history. In 1993, State Sen. Bert Johnson was convicted of armed robbery in Detroit at 19-years-old.

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