‘The Big Chief’ Calls Home

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  • Click here to listen to President Barack Obama's full interview with the TJMS.

    After two recent interviews with the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama on the TJMS, the "Big Chief" himself called "home" to discuss the importance of getting involved in this election, early voting, what went wrong in the first debate, and what he'll do different this time around.  

    Read the full transcription of the interview below.

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    3 thoughts on “‘The Big Chief’ Calls Home

    1. God gave us all Free Will. God deals with me and my sinful nature. When I become remorseful and repent, through the Blood of Jesus, I am forgiven.

      So I am compelled to ask, with God as my Father, who are you to impose your will on me or anyone else?

      How many single mothers have you supported? How many unwanted Black children have you adopted? How many abused children have you sheltered?

      And lastly, how many young women have you counselled and helped to strengthen their self-esteem to prevent them from getting caught up in a messy situation that created an unplanned pregnancy? How many young men have you counselled and helped to strenghten their self-esteem so that they don’t impregnate a young woman and leave her hanging to fend for herself?

    2. Obama promotes gay marriage and Planned Parenthood’s genocidal killing of black babies by the tens of millions. He equates being homosexual with being black and a civil right. His party exploits the black community equating gay rights to the struggle of blacks in America.

      They keep us in line with such nonsense as we’ll lose our right to vote if we don’t vote for them. Hogwash, while they’ve helped kill more black babies, who never will grow up to vote, than the KKK ever thought about.

      Obama and his party violate everything we believe as Christians. They disrespect Jesus and cannot even say “God” in their platform. They have become anti-Christian, anti-life, anti-family, anti-Bible, anti-God.

      And Tom and Sybil tell him: “We got you, we got your back.”

      I’d rather hear the president interviewed by Bishop E.W. Jackson. Look him up if you’ve never heard of him.

    3. That first debate was a head scratcher for sure.I thought for sure that the president was trying to rope a dope like Ali did Foreman.Those talking heads and TV pundits swear that Mr Mitt was full of lies and couldn’t tell the truth if somebody gave him ten grand.So,how the hell is this contest even close? Citizens how can millions of Americans elect a gold plated,certified liar to become President of the USA? Certified lies got us trapped in Iraq for a decade.And it cost our country billions.And thousands of lives.Then them fools said Oops.Just like Vietnam.Mr Mitt promises the same thing…VOTE.

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