UPDATE: Kelley Williams-Bolar Tampered Address for Children’s Education

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    5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Kelley Williams-Bolar Tampered Address for Children’s Education

    1. This has been a wake-up call for many parents that reside in Akron. The Akron Public School system has extremely changed. Copley-Fairlawn schools are great schools and the teachers take the time out to help the children if there is help needed by the student. I tried to get my children open enrolled in Copley schools and they have a tuition if the students do not reside in that district which is $8,000/child and almost $900/month. I decided that was extremely out of my budget and open enrolled them in Cuyahoga Falls school district. They did not give me a hard time with the open enrollment, just proof of residency (utility bill), and just like that, my children were enrolled. I understand about the felonies. It is already hard to seek employment due to the loss of jobs all over the United States, but when there is a position available, they are only available to people that has a clean criminal background.

    2. Good move by the Governor.
      Two felonies for trying to get your children in a less crime ridden school is stupid and crazy

    3. Not only was this excessive because was just trying to upgrade her kid’s education. That’s what any caring parent would do. But Kasich who has a sketchy past himself, with all his relationships on WALL STREET, he shouldn’t be warning anybody.

    4. Her sentence was definitely overkill. I also live in Ohio, and I am an employee of a school district, and parents are allowed to request a Grandparent Tuition Waiver.

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