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So what would the president be committing if he decided to ignore part of his own base? President Obama isn’t our savior, or our pastor, or even our moral compass. He is a politician representing the party you once believed had more of our interests at heart than his opponent’s party does.  You can believe that and put this man back in office and still keep your other personal convictions because that’s what freedom is all about.

If you think all Republicans that are going to the polls in November believe every nutty thing that comes out of the mouths of their candidates then you’re naïve. But these voters know if they stay home, President Obama will be re-elected and finish the work he started. Some are not for Mitt Romney at all, just against our president.

Here’s another reason to go to the polls. The presidential election is the biggest motivation symbolically, but practically, state-wide and local issues actually will have more of an impact on our everyday lives. It’s our chance to elect judges and representatives and police chiefs, and our chance to vote on laws like “Stand Your Ground.”

And to any ministers (which I believe there are few) that have told his or her congregation not to cast their votes in November, I question your motives and your methods. If that decision was based on direction from a larger church organization that may be using their “religious” muscle to get President Obama out of office, then you’re being used.  Just the history of Civil Rights in this country alone should cause a red flag to go up anytime African-Americans are discouraged to vote. If your decision not to vote and to lead others not to is based on your religious conviction, then I’m sure nothing I can write here will change your minds.

But to any still on the fence, still wondering if voting for President Obama is the right thing to do, weigh it out. I’m sure you’ll agree that there are more reasons to exercise your right to vote Democratic than to stay at home on election day. If we don’t show up, we are, in a sense, voting for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. If he represents more of what you stand for, has more of your needs and concerns on his radar and has made you feel that he will make life better for you, more power to you. If your pastor has influenced you, maybe he or she has some answers about the economy, education and health care. President Obama doesn’t have all of the answers either. But I’d rather let him lead the country and let pastors run the churches.


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