Georgia Students Unite for a Cause

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So far, the team has reached out to students from schools such as Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, and other surrounding universities to participate in the project.  The project’s buzz is spreading so quickly that a Harvard basketball player recently tweeted about the project.

Project coordinators are looking forward to making Water Wars Atlanta a yearly event that can inspire other colleges around the country.

“We are looking to hopefully do it again annually and we hope to spread to different cities. So for example, we could have a Water Wars Boston to where the colleges in the Boston area can try to break the world record,” Taylor said. “You know if you think about it if we need 13,000 people to break the world record each $5 donation goes toward the water project then we’ll be doing some good there.”

Taylor said they are currently focused on getting corporate sponsorships and increasing student involvement in this great cause.

“So now it’s time to really get other people involved. We feel like if you tell people about it they might forget it, but when you get people involved they will remember it for a lifetime and we want to make an impact here in Atlanta and sub-Saharan Africa,” Taylor said.

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