Top Ten Cities with Cursing Employees

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  • A new report unveils the top ten cities with workplace cursing problems.

    A recent survey conducted by Career Builder rated Washington D.C. as the number one city with swearing workers. Federal employees in the capital city have easily illustrated this recently.

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner allegedly called TARP inspector Neil Barofsky “the most f***ing transparent secretary of the Treasury in this country’s entire f***ing history.” Barofsky reportedly chimed in by describing the nation’s current economic situation as “pretty f***ed.”

    The survey also discovered that many supervisors do not approve of workplace swearing. 

    Survey findings showed that 64 percent of employers said that they think less of their employees who do curse. Fifty-seven percent of bosses admitted that cursing can influence the way they grant promotions and raises.

    However, previous studies have found that cursing at work can increase workplace morale and help employees make friends with their colleagues.

    See the list of the top employee cursing cities below:

    10. Philadelphia, PA-Employees said they swear at work: 44 percent

    9. New York City, NY-Employees said they swear at work: 46 percent

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