A man visited a fast food restaurant and was unhappy with the amount of hash browns he received. He claims the white people at the restaurant got their full serving while he didn’t get enough. He was so upset that he’s suing and taking the establishment to court. Damon want’s to know why it’s so […]

A woman named Noel allegedly took all of her daughter’s girl scout cookies, and never paid for them. It wasn’t just a few boxes, she took $1,600 worth of cookies! Damon wants to know what she did with all of those cookies. He also suggests that maybe folks should have to pay for the cookies […]

Instead of focusing on the tragedy going on in the U.S, Donald Trump is instead focusing on Kanye West. If he really wanted to talk to someone about Black issues and communities he has tons of positive, smart people, he could talk to! Kanye West is not the person to represent Black America. It was more of a photo-op than […]

4/20/18- Welcome to a new segment called That’s What You On with Damon Williams in the Funny Chair. After two separate Starbucks incidents this week, Damon says they’re closing of 8,000 stores for training is really to teach white people how to treat Black people. But the craziest thing about it is that Black people have to attend […]