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While the viral #PutYourShoesOn challenge has garnered hilarious reactions, some question whether or not it sends the right message to kids.

A trend turns deadly in Shreveport, Louisiana when a drive-by shooting happened as a group of men participate in The Crate Challenge.

Milk Crates are not the most sturdy objects, but some Black women are effortlessly defeating the wobbly structures with ease.

The Crate Challenge has caused plenty of potential injuries, comedy and then some over the course of the last few days with many people asking one question -- who in the hell had all these crates sitting around?

A social media influencer has gone viral after filming herself licking a toilet seat on the airplane calling it the “coronavirus challenge.” She said that she wants people to know how to be sanitary while on an airplane and has felt fine since the stunt. She also didn’t believe that her behavior put her at […]