An inquest jury unanimously ruled that two Seattle cops were justified in using deadly force on a mentally unstable pregnant Black woman.

A recent Southwest Airlines passenger provided yet another reason to reconsider booking your next flight after being arrested for masturbating in front of a woman on four occasions throughout their three-hour flight.

He may be a free agent, but Super Bowl champion Richard Sherman is currently locked behind bars in a Seattle jail cell after being charged with burglary domestic violence.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and pop star wife Ciara have announced they are donating 1 million meals through Seattle’s Food Lifeline to help provide meals for those in need during the coronavirus outbreak. “Obviously this worldwide pandemic, coronavirus, is changing the world. Second by second, minute by minute,” Wilson said. “People are losing loved […]


SEATTLE (AP) — Multiple people opened fire outside a McDonald’s in the busiest part of downtown Seattle during the evening commute Wednesday, killing one person and wounding seven others, police said. Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins said authorities began receiving calls of multiple gunshot victims at about 5 p.m. One person was found dead and […]


BURIEN, Wash. (AP) — A van apparently being used as a getaway vehicle crashed into a crowded store near Seattle, injuring 11 people, including a 2-year-old child who was in critical condition, police said. The driver of the van tried to take off at high speed after a woman, who had apparently shoplifted inside the […]


SEATTLE (AP) — Alan Naiman was known for an unabashed thriftiness that veered into comical, but even those closest to him had no inkling of the fortune that he quietly amassed and the last act that he had long planned. The Washington state social worker died of cancer this year at age 63, leaving most […]

Judges in Seattle have agreed to vacate the convictions of people who were punished due to marijuana possession before it was made legal. DL thinks that it should be taken a step further and it be legal for athletes too. He doesn’t believe athletes in places where it’s legal should be fined or punished for […]

In 2012, the state of Washington legalized the use of marijuana making it recreational and accessible to almost everyone. The city of Seattle has decided to reverse past marijuana convictions between 1996 and 2010 that would help 542 people since the city has legalized the use according to the NY Daily News. “A drug conviction, even for […]

Little Known Black History Facts

The Seattle Open House Campaign stretched from 1959, and officially ended on this day 50 years ago in 1968. The focus of the campaign was to strike down the legal right landlords held to discriminate against Blacks and other minorities in the city as the minority population grew at a record rate. Prior to the […]

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  The Human Being Of The Week is Seattle, WA television station KIRO-TV for buying $1 million in medical debt forgiveness for its viewers. After hearing a story of one of their viewers not being able to pay medical debt the station turned around and paid their debt and many others in a selfless act of kindness. […]

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SEATTLE (AP) — No cashiers, no lines, no registers — this is how Amazon sees the future of in-store shopping. The online retailer opened its Amazon Go concept store to the public Monday, selling milk, potato chips and other items typically found at a convenience shop. Amazon employees have been testing the store, which is […]