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What You Need To Know:

“Instead of going to school every morning, what if school could come to you?” oozed the woman’s saccharine voice from our TV. Whenever this K – 12 homeschool commercial came on, I’d pounce on the remote, hoping to mute it before my son heard it.

Otherwise, I’d have to spend the next half hour explaining why home schooling was not an option. “Both I and your father have to go to work.” I’d say, shoulders shrugged. “We don’t even know how to teach.” Truth be told, I had zero desire to homeschool. Wasn’t homeschooling for kids who won the Scripps Spelling Bee?

Case closed?

Not anymore.

Now, here we are n the midst of a pandemic and very little of what was once true remains true anymore. I was already managing to a new daily routine with my husband’s new client requiring travel every week and myself having recently been laid off.. Suddenly, I found myself reconfiguring our house into an office/school house, and yes, educating a fifth grader.

As the daughter of a former Chicago Public School teacher, I’d always heralded teachers as heroes, but now, my level of respect has leveled up exponentially. This is hard work for all three of us!

But throughout it all, blessings abound! Here’s what I know to be GOOD and what I love that is TRUE.

• We can take daily walks, and see flowering trees that used to be just a quick flash of muddled color from moving car windows now come clearly into focus.

• We are using this time to pour into ourselves with mindfulness, meditation, and uninterrupted sleep.

• We are finally making time for family board game nights. I think I may even pour that 500-piece puzzle onto a table any day now.

I know through all of this God has a perfect plan. I pray we all can carry some of these lessons with us when we are able to return to normal. We’ll figure it out, day by beautiful day.