We're sending an abundance of love and prayers to famed R&B singer/actor Tyrese Gibson after he recently revealed publicly that his mom, Priscilla Murray, is currently in a coma as she simultaneously battles pneumonia and a COVID-19 diagnosis.


U.S. hospitals bracing for a possible onslaught of coronavirus patients with pneumonia and other breathing difficulties could face a critical shortage of mechanical ventilators and health care workers to operate them. The Society of Critical Care Medicine has projected that 960,000 coronavirus patients in the U.S. may need to be put on ventilators at one […]

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During a recent sit down interview with Ellen DeGeneres, media mogul Oprah Winfrey opened up about how I recent brush with pneumonia almost got very serious. Winfrey stopped by the talk show while promoting her upcoming tour, when she revealed she had just gotten cleared after a nasty battle with pneumonia. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER:  […]

Last November actress and model Kim Porter died unexpectedly in her home. The L.A. county coroner’s office reports she died from pneumonia. The autopsy report described “lobar pneumonia” as an infection of the lung caused by bacteria.      WHAT EXACTLY IS PNEUMONIA? ARE THERE DIFFERENT TYPES? Pneumonia is an infection in either one or […]

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According to the Office of Minority Health, when it comes to receiving the vaccination for pneumonia, Hispanic adults aged 65 and older were 45.2 percent less likely to have ever received the pneumonia shot, while Blacks were at 49.8 percent.

In this informative Q&A session, Dr. Kandie Tate answers some of our most reader requested health questions. “What is the difference between a cold, the…


Q: Is pneumonia more serious than the flu? C.S. Sign Up for the Black Doctor Newsletter!     A: Pneumonia is often the more serious…

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According to reports, legendary boxer Muhammad Ali has been hospitalized in Louisville, Kentucky with a what’s being called a mild case of pneumonia. Ali, who also suffers from Parkinson’s disease, will probably only have to spend a short time in the hospital as the pneumonia was caught early. He is being treated by his team […]