NFL Wrap Up

NFL week 14 is behind us now and man it was a good one. Both the Saints and 49ers put up over 40 points but the 49ers came out on top! The Falcons put a whooping on the Panthers and the Steelers beat the Cardinals by 4. Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes beat Tom Brady […]

In week 13 we saw what many people call a Superbowl preview when the 49ers went to Baltimore to take on Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. The Ravens came out on top at the last minute. The Eagles are losing it and got beat by Miami and the Texans “whooped the Patriots butt,” Chris Paul […]

We just wrapped up week 9 of the NFL! How did your team do? The Texans and Jaguars met in London and the Texas killed the Jags! It was embarrassing. The Chiefs were victorious over the Vikings without Mahomes. And Miami finally got a win, the Dolphins beat the Jets 26-18! Chris paul felt the […]

We’re coming off of week 8 of the NFL season and that means we’re at the halfway point. How is your team doing? The Saints had quite a game and welcomed back Drew Brees. The Packers and Chiefs battled it out on Sunday night football with the Packers coming out on top. And Atlanta lost….again.

We’re pretty deep into the NFL season and now Chris Paul says it’s all about “how you playing.” He says there’s a lot of drinking going on in Cincinnati because the Bengals don’t have a win yet. Meanwhile it was the battle of the rookie QBs when the Arizona Cardinal’s took on the New York […]

Chris Paul breaks down all of yesterday’s games in song as he always does and this one is a must hear! The Tampa Bay Buccs took on the Carolina Panthers and Chris Paul says Jameis Winston had “more picks than Black barbers in 76.” Paul sings this is the “NFL Where The Struggle’s real” and […]

Chris Paul wraps up week 5 of the NFL. Some teams are remaining dominant, others have risen from the shadows, and a few are still looking for their first win. The Jets lost to Philly and Chris says their playbook should be burned! Speaking of New York, the Giants “got their asses whopped” by Minnesota. […]

The Washington Washington Football Team have lost every single game so far this season. They’re 0-4 and Chris Paul is done with them, he calls them “sorry bums” and says he’s ashamed. Meanwhile the Falcons and Dolphin’s are following the same trend and Chris Paul says they “ain’t gonna do nothing.” How’s your team doing?

Every NFL Sunday there are winners and losers and of course lots of lessons learned. In week 3 and there are already tears! Chris Paul Breaks it down in the NFL Wrap Up! The Steelers are now 0-3 after losing to the 49ers, who had 5 turnovers. The Carolina Panthers beat the Arizona Cardinals with […]

Miami got “their ass beat” again they lost 43-0 and at this point there’s little hope for them. Lamar Jordan and the Ravens were victorious over Kyler Murray and the Cardinals.If you think the Refs screwed the Saints in the NFC Championship game last season, they definitely came back for sloppy seconds yesterday. And on […]

Chris Paul is back with his NFL wrap up! There are 32 teams all fighting for the number one spot. Arizona’s rookie quarterback Kyler Murray made his NFL debut yesterday against the Detroit Lions, he struggled to find his rhythm but led them to a tie in overtime. Dak Prescott, Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson and […]

1/22/18- The New England Patriots beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in a close game, sending them to the Superbowl. Chris Paul fills you in on the game with week 20 of the NFL Wrap Up. READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST STORIES STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX: