Some of y’all out there are trying to hold on to your youth even though you know those days are long gone. Even if you “still got it,” your name could be a dead giveaway of your age. Names like Lucille,  Ruth, Gilbert, Hilda and Sylvester really age you. Just accept that you’re getting older…or […]

Some names just have an old school feel to them. DL has listed his top 10 old school names. If you have one of these names don’t get in your feelings, it’s not a bad thing. Roosevelt, Sylvester, and Ruth all made the list! Listen to the audio above and let us know if your […]


Over a dozen women claim they received rejection letters from St. Louis’ Mantality Health center noting their “ghetto names” as the reason the candidates did not get the job. Dornisha Zachary and Militina Burnett are speaking out after the company sent them an offensive email that read, in part, “Thank you for your interest in careers […]

Myra J’s tips for the single moms were always helpful! In this throwback she gave advice making sure they know the meaning of names that they choose for their kids. Lot’s of Black people give their children’s names from Africa, and have no idea what they mean. Like Kwame, this is a male name from […]

People try to get creative when they name their children, but sometimes it totally backfires. Check out this list of the top worst names of 2015. Click on the audio player to hear them in this hilarious edition of The Jazzy Report on The D.L. Hughley Show. Listen to the “The D.L. Hughley Show” LIVE weekdays 3-7 p.m. EST! […]

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We played the Celebrity Name Game and let’s just say it didn’t go as well as we expected. Listen to the audio player to hear several of our listeners lose badly at this game! Part II:

Did you know there are endangered names here in America? Listen to the audio player to hear  Special K list all the names that will become extinct…