TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Marcelo Chilel said the convenience store where he works in New Jersey’s capital city does a steady lottery business, with more people showing up when the jackpots get big. One of the people that came this past week is now holding one of the largest winning tickets in the history of […]

  Quovella “Q” Spruil was sworn in last week as the Essex County Chief of Detectives in Newark, N.J. The promotion makes Mrs. Spruil the first woman and African-American to hold the post with the state’s largest prosecutor’s office. Spruil, 41, a native of Newark, attended the New Jersey Institute of Technology for her undergraduate […]

  The city of Camden has been best known in recent years for its high poverty and crime rate which has become a thorn in the side for those who love the city. However, there are several examples of Black history worth noting in the southern New Jersey city just outside Philadelphia. One example is […]

During the Jim Crow era, African-American athletes and fans had limited choices when it came to large gatherings for sports tournaments and special events. With the development of the Negro League baseball teams, the need was amplified as teams traveled the country to play against one another. On Saturday, September 17, 1932, Hinchcliffe Stadium in […]