Money Mondays

As I mentioned two weeks ago, the rest of our Money Monday segments together will be dedicated to retirement. And today, I want to run through the different types of retirement accounts out there. THAT SOUNDS GOOD. LET’S START WITH THOSE AVAILABLE THROUGH EMPLOYERS The retirement account most familiar to Americans is the 401(k). These […]

What do you have for us today on Money Monday, Mellody? Well Tom, it is November 11 and you – the hardest working man in radio – are about to hang up your mic! So before I go any further, I want to recognize your incredible career, your incredible team – Sybil, Skip, and everyone […]

Money Mondays

Today we are talking about the August jobs report. Why did it catch your eye? What really piqued my interest was what it told us about the economy, Tom. In the Labor Department’s report released Friday, we can really see a tension between the positive and negative factors that are at work in our economy. […]

If You Missed It

How do I start a homebased business? Just do it.  Use your name and social security number on Schedule C of your 1040 tax return.  Get a website, social media, email address, and business cards – all for under $25!  Everyone can be a sole proprietor of a consulting business advising others  in low risk […]

Who doesn’t like new stuff? Of course we all like to have the newest nicest things! For a lot of things there are prime times to shop. Jini breaks down the best time to get a deal on certain large purchases! For example, Willie has been itching to buy a new car! Jini says the […]

Money Mondays

April 15 is just 7 days away, and join us with tips for our listeners who have procrastinated. That’s right, Skip! If you have been putting off your taxes, you only have a week left to file, so it is time to buckle down and get them done. I have a week left. What’s the […]

Money Mondays

This morning we are talking about the stock market again. What’s on tap today? Saturday marked a big day. On March 9, the current stock market run turned 10. Ten years ago in March of 2009, the financial crisis and the resulting Great Recession were in full swing. The financial system was destabilized, the economy […]

There are almost 7 million adult learners in the United States alone. Anyone in school over the age of 25 is considered an adult learner. Jini Thornton says that the very first step is to figure out your “why.” Next, you want to contact your local school and see what programs that they have available. […]

Babies are expensive! The expenses aren’t gradual, they’re expensive as soon as they arrive starting with the hospital, anesthesiologist, and OBGYN bill. Jini Thornton suggest that you get an itemized bill from the hospital because it’s not uncommon for them to be incorrect. When it comes to buying baby items make sure that you always […]

Genetic testing like 23 and me can actually impact insurance, like disability and long term care insurance. These companies can legally buy your results and use the results when quoting you for insurance. We say specifically 23 and me because it and tests like it actually tell you if you’re at higher risk for certain […]

When buying a used car you need to do your research before you even go to a dealership. You never know exactly what you are getting yourself into when you’re buying a used car, but, you can make sure you know the proper questions to ask and what to look for. Jini answers some of […]

  Mellody is President of Ariel investments, a Chicago-based money management firm that serves individual investors and retirement plans through its no-load mutual funds and separate accounts.  Additionally, she is a regular financial contributor and analyst for CBS News. Tom: Good morning, Mellody!   Mellody:  Good morning, Tom! TOM: Today you have a reminder for […]