1/25/18- Sherri Shepherd loves Sybil Wilkes so much that if she could come back as anything, it’d be as her man! You’ve got to really love someone to say that, but Tom is a bit suspicious of this confession. READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST STORIES STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX: 

11/21/17- Our Seriously Ignorant News correspondent Damon Williams reports on a man who decided to rob homes on the way to a job interview. Seriously? Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

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HONOLULU (AP) — A man who acknowledges killing a woman nearly 40 years ago said he needed to plot and carry out his escape from a Hawaii psychiatric hospital to prove that he could behave properly out in the community. Randall Saito told San Francisco television station KGO-TV in an interview that the Hawaii State […]

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PLAINS, Pa. (AP) — A man who always joked that he didn’t want to venture into the afterlife hungry got his wish when he was buried with two cheesesteaks from his favorite sandwich shop — Pat’s King of Steaks in Philadelphia. According to his grandson, Dominic Lussi, when asked what he wanted to take with […]

09/20/17- Adding to the list of celebrities he has tattooed on his body, Drake now has Denzel Washington. Bill talked with Denzel about the issue and apparently according to Denzel you can’t have a tattoo of another man on your body. The only man you can have on your body is your dad or Tupac! […]

Your man should be supportive of you and your endeavors, and if he’s not, he’s probably jealous of your success. But how can you tell that’s really what it is? Jasmine Sanders gives a list of ten signs that he is indeed jealous of your accomplishments. Click on the audio player to hear them all on “The D.L. […]

It’s okay if your man doesn’t quite have it in the bank yet- after all, finances can’t buy love! But just as a heads up, Jasmine Sanders has ten things you should expect when you’re footing the bill for him. Click on the audio player to hear them in this clip from “The D.L. Hughley Show!” Sign Up […]

You don’t have to wait on your friends to realize you’re with the wrong man- your own body will tell you. Jasmine Sanders has ten signs that your body is trying to warn you that this is the wrong man for you! Click on the audio player to hear them in this clip from “The D.L. Hughley […]

There are five health symptoms men should never ignore. Erectile dysfunction, man boobs, waking up to pee, lumps around the breast and pain in the big toe are all signs to watch out for. Listen to the audio player to hear more stories in the latest Jazzy Report! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen to the “The […]

Pastor Jay took six characters of the Bible to share what he calls secrets of a man. Listen to the audio player to hear him explain in this edition of D.L. Goes to Church. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen to the “The D.L. Hughley Show” LIVE weekdays 3-7 p.m. EST! RELATED: 10 Secrets You Should Keep […]

There are many things a man should never do when it comes to his wife. Pastor Jay touched on this topic in his sermon last week, and decided to share with us today. Listen to the audio player to hear five things he feels a man should never do, and his prayer for us this week […]

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There are certain things a man will only tell a woman if he’s really comfortable with her. Listen to “The D.L. Hughley Show” list to the top 10 in the audio! RELATED: Top 10 Attractive Things Men Do Unknowingly [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] RELATED: Top 10 Signs Your Man Wants A Housewife Not A Career Woman [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] RELATED: Top […]