PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — When Oregon lawmakers created the state’s legal marijuana program, they had one goal in mind above all else: to convince illicit pot growers to leave the black market. That meant low barriers for entering the industry that also targeted long-standing medical marijuana growers, whose product is not taxed. As a result, […]

DENVER (AP) — One marijuana business hosts an annual golf tournament in Denver to raise money for multiple sclerosis research. Another Colorado pot company donates to a gay-rights advocacy group and is a sponsor of an AIDS walk. As marijuana legalization matures, businesses are becoming more ingrained in their communities by donating cash and time […]

SEATTLE (AP) — Lines were growing in the pre-dawn hours Monday outside shops set to become the first in Washington state to sell recreational marijuana legally. Deb Green, a 65-year-old retiree, waited all night outside Cannabis City, the only licensed shop in Seattle. The owner wasn’t planning to open his doors until noon Tuesday. Greene […]

DENVER (AP) — When Tim Cullen was opening his first marijuana business four years ago, the high school biology teacher turned pot entrepreneur struggled to get resumes and references from job applicants. “Everyone’s experience was on the black market,” Cullen said. Now, he said, “it’s come out of the closet.” Out of the closet, down […]

DENVER (AP) — Long lines and blustery winter weather greeted Colorado marijuana shoppers testing the nation’s first legal recreational pot shops Wednesday. It was hard to tell from talking to the shoppers, however, that they had waited hours in snow and frigid wind. “It’s a huge deal for me,” said Andre Barr, a 34-year-old deliveryman […]

DENVER (AP) — Firing up bongs and cheering in a cloud of marijuana smoke, pot users in Colorado hailed the arrival of the nation’s first recreational pot industry Wednesday. Retail sales weren’t to begin until 8 a.m. But marijuana fans didn’t wait to celebrate the industry. “Honestly, I thought I’d never see the day,” said […]

SEATTLE (AP) — Figuring out how much marijuana people use has been one of the trickiest, and most important, questions facing the bureaucrats who are setting up Washington state’s new legal pot system. Underestimate demand, and marijuana fans might stick with their black market dealers. Overestimate it, and the surplus legal production could wind up […]

Voters across the country faced ballot measures Tuesday ranging from whether to approve seven casinos in New York to the fate of Houston’s iconic Astrodome. Here’s a look at some of the questions. ___ MARIJUANA AND ALCOHOL COLORADO: Voters approved a 25 percent tax on newly legal recreational marijuana to fund school construction. Opponents argued […]

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Advocates of recreational marijuana use are looking to an upcoming vote in Maine as an indicator of whether the East Coast is ready to follow in the footsteps of Colorado and Washington by legalizing cannabis. Voters in Portland are being asked whether they want to make it legal for adults 21 […]

If you really know your reefer, the state of Washington may have a consulting job for you. The Washington State Liquor Control Board is seeking proposals for a consultant to assist with the implementation of the legalized recreational marijuana system enacted by voters with Initiative 502 in the November 2012 General Elections. The deadline for […]