8/29/16- Happy Monday! The TJMS crew is counting down to the 2016 Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion. Listen to Tom, Sybil and J. Anthony Brown almost spill the beans on the 2017 Fantastic Voyage artists and more.

8/26/16- Happy Friday! The TJMS crew is gearing up for the weekend but before they tackle the latest in news headlines. Find out why Ryan Lochte may be swimming back to Rio and why Al Roker’s job may be in jeopardy.

8/25/16- Happy Friday eve! Tom, Sybil, J. Anthony Brown and Sherri Shepherd are celebrating that the week is almost over but as usual, the conversation turns left with old smelly people talk. Listen above.

8/24/16- Thank goodness it’s Wednesday! The TJMS crew recaps the devastation that happened over night, including the deadly earthquake in Italy, the North Carolina deaf man killed by police and the latest in Baton Rouge.  

8/23/16- Tom, Sybil and J. Anthony Brown discuss the latest news headlines, including why talking smack about Melania Trump could possibly land you in court and of course the crew gives an update on the presidential campaign.

  8/22/16- Damn, it’s Monday already? Find out what Sybil got for her birthday and Tom is still feeling the effects of Harlem week. Also get caught up on the Olympics and the closing ceremony. Listen above.

8/19/16- Happy Friday! While you’re getting your man-dance on, listen to the TJMS crew dish on how getting white boy wasted backfired on three Olympic swimmers.

8/18/16- Calling all Latin men! Exactly how is Sherri Shepherd getting settled in her new digs in LA? You’ll want to hear and find out how they can tell a married woman from a single one.

8/17/16- Find out why J. Anthony Brown says gold and a little white at the Olympics never hurt anybody. Also Sybil reveals what happens when your pole is too big for a vault. Listen above.

8/12/16- Happy Friday! Tom and J. Anthony Brown are dancing in their Olympic gold speedos (thanks a lot Simone Manuel) and they obviously have no shame! Find out who on the TJMS crew was primed for the Olympics back in the day when you listen above!

8/11/16- It’s Sherri Shepherd Thursday and the TJMS crew is taking bets on how long she’ll last after partying with Bobby Brown all night. Place your bets and let us know below how long Club Sherri will stay open!

8/10/16- It’s Wednesday and the almost-weekend laughs are in full of effect! Find out why J. Anthony Brown says there’s a special kind of Ho needed for the work he has to get done and Sybil explains why Ted Cruz will throw dirt on our backs if elected as POTUS.