An Oregon father is accused of stealing $740 worth of his daughter’s Girl Scout cookie money and them blaming it on a burglar to cover up his crime. Brian Couture, 40, sent police off on a wild goose chase after he called 911 to report that the money went missing during a home invasion on Mar. 9. […]

It’s Girl Scout cookie season and one Girl Scout has gained national attention through her marketing approach. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Kiki Paschall who is “killing the rap game and the cookie game.” She sold out of her cookies in one day after her remix to Cardi B‘s song Money went viral […]


The rapper saw the video and tweeted back that she wants all the cookies!


If you’ve ever been a Girl Scout, you know how exciting it is when it’s time for the annual cookie sale. You want to get a big number, not just for bragging rights but because the cookies will benefit the Girl Scouts and your troop. But for one New York City based chapter, cookie sales […]

2/21/18- Comedian Guy Torry made a confession this morning that guys too go through PMS. He had sushi before going to bed and needed dessert so he topped it off with Oreos and girl scout cookies! But now his stomach isn’t feeling too great. Sybil really thinks it’s his time of the month! READ MORE […]

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A 9-year-old Indianapolis girl wounded by gunfire as she was heading off to her weekly Girl Scouts meeting to pick up cookies she planned to sell door-to-door is now racking up sales in an online cookie drive intended to send her troop on a trip. Sinai Miller was standing outside her family’s […]