On Friday (January 6), the team became the first from a historically Black college or university to appear in an NCAA meet, traveling to Las Vegas for the Super 16 event.

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In the fall of 1946, sociologist and professor Charles S. Johnson was named the first Black president of Fisk University in Nashville, Tenn. Unlike the militant style of W.E.B. Du Bois, Johnson employed an intellectual approach in dismantling racism by hoping to understand its roots. Charles Surgeon Johnson was born July 24, 1893 in Bristol, […]

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Fisk University of Nashville, Tennessee was founded in 1865 by John Ogden, Reverend Erastus Cravath, and Reverend Edward Smith. It was named after General Clinton B. Fisk of the Tennessee Freedman’s Bureau. The school held its first classes in 1866 at the Union army barracks with students ranging from ages seven to seventy. It had […]

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Fisk University may soon be able to generate cash from its 101-piece art collection donated by the late painter Georgia O’Keeffe. On Monday, the Tennessee Supreme Court announced that it would let stand a ruling allowing the historically black university to complete a $30 million deal to sell a 50 percent stake in the collection […]