Sometimes it is a bit easier to find something that looks great on your body then hit the gym.  Not to advocate skipping the gym, but here is a list of clothing items that will give you a slimmer appearance, no exercise necessary. For the Hippy Chick Hips are great! They provide a great silhouette […]

A new investigation by a consumer watch dog group is reporting that many handbags being sold are tainted with lead. After testing 300 bags, the consumer group reports it found 43 bags with lead in it's lining. The five purses that contained the most lead were made by Tory Burch, Guess, House of Harlow, Nine […]

A new study reveals that shoes can be used to judge a stranger’s personality with 90% accuracy. Researchers at the University of Kansas found that shoes can convey detailed information into a person’s personality such as gender, income, age, political affiliation, and emotional stability. Study authors explained that shoes can provide nonverbal cues into their […]

Serena Williams made history by gracing the cover of Vogue’s June Olympic-themed issue, arm-in-arm with gold medalist, Ryan Lochte. By the way, the other lady is soccer player Hope Solo. The tennis player joins the short list of African-Americans who’ve made the cover of the world-renown magazine. Fewer than 20 Black people have posed on […]

Going back to where it all began, a new exhibit in the childhood home of legendary designer Christian Dior in Normandy sheds new light on the house’s huge contribution to the silver screen. The setting also provides rare insight into how a young Dior, who liked to spend time in the garden, became inspired by […]

Fashion moves in waves, and in today’s easier, unfussy stage, glitz and gold might seem over the top. But boring isn’t the only way to do a pared-down look. Exotic skins – and many more faux exotic skins – can bridge the gap between too much and not enough. Choices go from neon embossed leathers […]

Would a red-soled stiletto by any other name than Christian Louboutin look as sweet? Certainly not for the luxury French shoe designer, who passionately defended his court battle to protect his famous glossy red-soled shoes Monday. Louboutin was in London to open a museum exhibition marking his brand’s 20th anniversary, talking to reporters about his […]

Don’t be fooled by the old “my girlfriend bought me this” line. Fashion insiders say men are taking a keen interest in how they dress – and that means developing their own shopping habits. The biggest difference in how they shop for clothes? Probably research – and purpose. A Saturday at the shopping mall is […]

For better or for worse, there is nothing like going to a black beauty salon. We love them, and we love to hate on them. After all, we get our hair done for care, but also to make ourselves look better and feel better. As the saying goes, there’s a price to pay for beauty. […]

Every celebrity has a pair. From Beyonce to Oprah to Jennifer Hudson, these fashionistas can be seen rockin’ the expensive signature red-lacquered soles everywhere. When it comes to looking good, famous shoemaker Christian Louboutin says it is perfectly ok to suffer in the name of style. The French luxury shoemaker recently told Grazia magazine: “I […]

Lenny Kravitz has taken a childhood compunction to decorate his bedroom and turned it into another creative endeavor. To rocker, songwriter and actor, add designer. Kravitz created a series of chairs for Kartell based on Philippe Starck’s iconic “Mademoiselle” armchair, clad, like, at times the rocker himself, in python, leather or fur. And he designed […]