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Sherry Hall nearly ruined an innocent man's life.

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Have you ever been arrested by the police and charged with a crime you didn’t commit? I don’t mean pulled over for a speeding ticket. I don’t mean harassed or ridiculed. I don’t mean treated like a suspect. Those things are all terrible, but I’m asking, have you ever been arrested by the police, then […]

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Shaun King has started a new series highlighting the corruption inside New York City’s NYPD’s false arrest cases. Just three days after the inauguration of President Trump, the city of New York filed a police corruption case named Stinson vs. New York. The NYPD paid out $75 million in police corruption and false arrest. The number […]

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Charges have been dropped against a University of Virginia student whose bloody arrest sparked a public uproar and a state police investigation, a prosecutor said Thursday. Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney David Chapman said he made the decision after reviewing results of the investigation into Martese Johnson’s arrest. But he said the findings […]