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Shaun King has started a new series highlighting the corruption inside New York City’s NYPD’s false arrest cases.

Just three days after the inauguration of President Trump, the city of New York filed a police corruption case named Stinson vs. New York.

The NYPD paid out $75 million in police corruption and false arrest. The number of false arrests made amounted to  900,000. This story barely saw any media coverage because of the inauguration.

In his investigation, King found and talked with people who had been arrested 10, 20 and even 50 times.

King explained, “12 incredibly brave Black and Hispanic officers filed a lawsuit last year that is the most important lawsuit ever filed against the NYPD.” The lawsuit states that these officers were forced to have “arrest quotas” and would be harassed and locked out of promotions if they did not meet it. Police quotas are illegal in all states.

Find this story on Shaun King’s twitter profile here.

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