Elijah Al-Amin


PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona prosecutor says a grand jury has returned an indictment charging a white man with first-degree murder in the fatal stabbing of a black youth for playing rap music he said he thought was threatening. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said Thursday Michael Adams faces charges in the July 4 killing […]

PHOENIX (AP) — Hundreds of people including a presidential candidate spoke out on Twitter this week after a 17-year-old black youth was killed at suburban convenience store, allegedly by a white man charged Tuesday with first-degree murder who has said he felt threatened by the boy’s rap music. Family members have told local media that […]

I know I always bring serious news to this segment, but today is one of those days where I have to report something that I wish wasn’t even a story. It’s already gone viral across the Internet, but today I am here to tell you the story of 17 year old Elijah Al-Amin – a […]


Arizona police say a man stabbed and killed a 17-year-old at a Circle K on the 4th of July, because he was listening to rap music. According to Fox 10, 27-year-old Michael Adams walked into the store and slit Elijah Al-Amin’s throat. The victim was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Adams […]