For many of us our introduction to Karrueche was knowing her as Chris Brown’s girlfriend. She talks to the D.L. Hughley Show crew about how living her life so publicly affected her. At the time of her relationship with singer Chris Brown Karrueche was in her early 20s and says she was still trying to […]

Everyone’s journey to achieving their dreams is different. Jonathan Adam’s had a pretty interesting journey. The very first time he tried his hand at acting was in Junior high school. “I ended up taking a role from another kid because he never showed up,” he explained. He played Dr. Jeckyll in Jeckyll and Hyde and […]

Being a Christian means a number of different things to different people. Just like people do good deeds for a number of reasons. Erica Campbell says she understands why people may feel like church people are judgmental; She say she’s not a “judgmental Christian,” but they do exist. However, you can be a not so […]

It’s fair to assume that most people don’t say “I do” with the intention of ending up in divorce court, but it does happen. People get divorced for a multitude of reasons, but Divorce Court Judge Lynn Toler says social media is now the grim reaper of marriages. Back in the day people got divorced […]