As a married man, was Chance The Rapper wrong for his down and dirty dancing at Jamaica Carnival?

CEO of Carnival Corporation, Arnold Donald is being inducted into the first International Career and Business Alliance Global Hall of Fame. The International Career and Business Alliance recognizes outstanding people in business across all industries. They have 5,000+ Members and Donald says he’s “very grateful” for the honor. Over the years he’s worked with a number […]

If there’s two things Rihanna loves, it’s her homeland and turning up. The Bajan beauty was spotted back home in Barbados, where she has been…

Haiti recently celebrated Carnival in Port au Prince and tragedy struck the celebration when a man on top of a float was electrocuted. He was…

Carnival’s CEO Arnold Donald is partying with a purpose April 11th-19th on the 2015 Fantastic Voyage Cruise! “We are delighted that you took, so we have eight great lines, eight great cruise lines, and Tom and the Foundation chose the Carnival Line, which is our fun line.  And then they selected one of the best ships […]

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Arnold Donald, the president and CEO of Carnival Corp., the largest cruise line in the world, is leading the way for the next generation of black CEOs. The 59-year-old at the helm of Carnival has a huge challenge ahead as detailed in the cover story of `the May 2014 issue of Black Enterprise magazine. Although […]