From engaging discussions about Biggie and Tupac on The Morning Hustle Podcast to diving deep into the story of Eazy E and NWA  on the Backstory podcast with Colby Colb, this list is a tribute to the icons, the pioneers, and the game-changers who made Hip Hop. But our celebration doesn’t stop there, we’re celebrating the artists carrying the torch for the next fifty years.

LL Cool J has had an impressive career in music, movies and TV. This episode of Backstory dives into the career of the original GOAT. Subscribe and Download the Backstory Podcast for free on Apple Podcasts, Google Play or wherever you stream Podcasts. Get Backstory: Episode 3 from the iTunes store: Backstory on iTunes Get Backstory: Episode 3 from […]

Legendary radio host Colby “Colb” Tyner takes us back to where it all started with the biggest names in the music business and the world in his new podcast, BackStory with Colby Colb. Each episode is a narrative journey and in-depth conversation with the men and women that shaped hip hop. Colby is an accomplished […]