As the TJMS comes to an end, so does Mellody Hobson’s Money Mondays column. Today’s column will be the last. Many thanks to Mellody for helping our listeners over the years make their very best financial decisions with her tips, pointers and advice. Here are 5 of her top tips that should help you live […]

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With unemployment at historic lows, and the stock market at all-time highs consumers are understandably in good cheer and ready to go out and spend some major bucks this holiday season. But for you, the thrill of the deal can quickly turn in to despair over the debt if you go overboard with your holiday […]

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WHAT IS CUFFING SEASON AND WHY IS IT HAZARDOUS TO YOUR WEALTH? So I hear everyone’s getting “boo’ed up” because it’s getting cold and the holidays are coming. This usually means everybody stays inside eating too much, so everything starts getting fatter except your bank account. 👀🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s happened to me in the past. Tell […]

We heard a lot of talk about bad economic news last week.   “Recession” seemed like the word of the week last week. And it can be a word that causes people a lot of anxiety. This morning, I want to make sure our listeners understand what is going on in the economy, and how to […]

THERE IS A LITTLE-NOTICED CHALLENGE IS CONFRONTING BLACK AMERICANS. WHAT IS IT? Most of us have seen the ads on television with Tom Selleck or others pitching reverse mortgages. They have been a fixture on television since the financial crisis, and they often promise a no-hassle way for seniors to take advantage of the equity […]

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The weather is warm and wedding season is in full swing with more than 2.2 million couples expected to tie the knot (either for the first time or for the nth time) this year. But if history is any indication, we know that 40-50% of those marriages will end in divorce or separation and financial issues […]

HOW CAN PARENTS’ GENEROSITY TOWARD THEIR CHILDREN CAN HURT THEIR RETIREMENT? There was a great article in Barron’s this past week that highlighted the many ways parents can put their retirement at risk by prioritizing their children financially. In a 2018 Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Age Wave survey, nearly 3 in 4 of […]

VALENTINE’S DAY IS THURSDAY AND TODAY WE ARE TALKING LOVE AND MONEY.  While millions of people are making plans for Thursday, a much smaller number is thinking about the role finances play in their relationship. And while talking about money isn’t exactly romantic, it is a mistake to ignore the role it can play in […]

Today we are discussing divorce. It’s not the cheeriest topic to kick off the new year with, so why is it on your mind? We just finished the holidays, and are now entering what some call the divorce season because divorce filings begin to spike in January, peaking in February and March. Indeed, studies show that one […]

YOU JOIN US THIS MORNING WITH AN UPDATE ON THE ONGOING TRADE WARS. WHAT IS THE LATEST? Last month, President Trump imposed a 10% tariff on an additional $200 billion of imports from China. Those tariffs went into effect on last Monday, and will rise to 25% in January. With this move, the Trump administration […]

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People all over the country are struggling with a serious dilemma: They’re trying to get out from underneath a mountain of consumer debt, which just hit a total of $13 Trillion in the US at the end of 2017. Simultaneously, they’re woefully behind in planning for retirement as nearly half of Americans have less than […]

YOU ARE JOINING US TODAY TO TALK ABOUT CRYPTOCURRENCIES. LET’S START WITH THE BASICS: WHAT ARE THEY?  A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses encryption to secure and verify transactions and control and track the creation of new units of the currency. These currencies exist entirely online – there is no cash version of […]