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1. Start Your Day With Breakfast And A Nice Cup Of Coffee (Replenish Coffee As Needed Throughout The Day)

Man sipping morning coffee and texting in kitchen Source:Getty

2. Wakeup Bright And Early As If You Have To Go Into The Office

3. Ditch The PJ’s And Dress As If You’re Headed To The Office

business at her fingertips Source:Getty

4. Write A To-Do List

Life and death on the phone book Source:Getty

5. Get Out Of Bed And Find A Designated Space In Your Home To Make Your Office

6. Stay Focused

Laptop use Source:Getty

7. Remember To Actually Take Your Break!

Portrait of a Woman Lying on an Armchair in a Living Room Source:Getty

8. Listen To Music While You Work

9. Avoid Social Media If It’s Not Work Related

10. Remember To Be Positive!

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