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Fire, smoke, vibrant costuming, and even a live, 12-foot Python snake are all just part of what’s in store for audiences these days at a typical stage performance by the Bar-kays.  Spontaneity and excitement has been a trademark of the group ever since their inception in the late 60’s. Today’s Bar-kays have boosted their high-energy act into an even higher gear for the new millennium crowd.  An energy that’s equally present on their up-coming new CD.

While the musical tastes of the fans have evolved many tines since the band’s origination, the Bar-kays have proven no strangers to evolution.

Beginning as a house band with Stax Records in Memphis in 1966, their potent, dynamic sound would carry them to a chart-topping perch the very next year with their first smash single, “SOUL FINGER.” It was that dynamism that landed them the spot as the backup group for the legendary soul singer, “Otis Redding,” on his final worldwide tour. That tour, however, was to have a disastrous finale, as Otis Redding and four members of the band would perish in a tragic plane accident.

The young surviving members, James Alexander and Ben Cauley, then reformed the band, with the help of Allen Jones who later became their producer and manager.  In the rebuilding process, there would be no diminishing of the standards of showmanship and professionalism.  Among those recruited would be Larry Dodson, who would evolve into not only another pillar of the band (as well as lead singer), but the corner stone of their future. Soon the new Bar-kays were the premier house band for Stax Records playing on millions of records behind such artists as Carla Thomas, Rufus Thomas, Johnnie Taylor, Eddie Floyd, The Emotions, The Dramatics, Albert King, and Isaac Hayes which includes “Hot Buttered Soul” “Black Moses” and the Grammy Award winning album “Shaft.”

Throughout the 70’s they would be backing some of the most distinguished names in R&B music.  However, “The Bar-kays” ran a string of their own hits pioneering a trail in the “Funk” music genre including, “SHAKE YOUR RUMP TO THE FUNK,” “ATTITUDE,” “MOVE YOUR BOOGIE BODY,” “SEX-O-MATIC,” “ANTICIPATION,” “FREAKSHOW ON THE DANCE FLOOR,” “HIT AND RUN,” “SHE TALKS TO ME WITH HER BODY,” “TOO HOT TO STOP,” and many other hit singles.

In the late 80’s, after over twenty years of grueling demands, James Alexander left thh Bar-kays to form his own promotion company.  Shortly thereafter, producer/manager Allen Jones passed away. The Bar-kays decided to take a hiatus from radio and just travel and perform abroad.

It was in 1991, that Alexander and Dodson, would join forces once again to record again. They went to great lengths to insure that it retained the freshness and vitality of the original Bar-kays’ recordings while adapting the flair and persona of the 90’s.

James and I are old pros,” says Dodson, “But our band is very youthful. You have to bridge the gap between the old and the new, if you want to reach the people who buy the product.”

Soon they were back in the studio for another album-48 HOURS on BASIX Music. They broke new ground with the single “The Slide” which was widely accepted by enthusiastic dance fans and resulted in strong chart action.

The Bar-kays later signed with Curb Records and put together one of their tastiest and most zestful albums.  Produced in Memphis by James Alexander, Larry Dodson, Brian Smith and Kurt Clayton, the CD included the first single, “EVERYBODY WANTS THAT LOVE” was loaded with intriguing production, subliminal voices and , of course, “Funk” flavor made world famous by the group.

With a career total of 27 albums including 5 gold and 1 platinum, 40 single releases and 20 top ten singles and albums, the Bar-kays can expect to add to those figures, and expand on their legendary status.  Just one more guarantee that the Bar-kays’ name will live on for a long, long time, the Barkays music has been sampled in great numbers recently by Hip-Hop artists, i.e. Teddy Riley and Hip-Hop rappers like COOLIO, WILL SMITH’S “GET JIGGY WITH IT” and old schoolers like CAMEO just to name a few.
The BAR-KAYS are now producing other acts for their own record label, JEA RIGHTNOW I.M. RECORDS in their hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.  Their first full length release on their label was entitled, “THE REAL THING.”This was a CD that radio embraced and some called it some of their best work.  A CD producing three singles, “YOU’RE MY JOY, featuring Archie Love who is now signed to their label.  The second single, “GLAD YOU’RE MY LADY,” which not only went to #1 in their hometown of Memphis, but also went top 10 in many markets.  

After experiencing a show stopping performance on the 1997 HBO SINBAD SUMMER JAM special, the Bar-kays started to experience a boost in their touring career that has continued through 2005.  Presently on tour performing to sell-out audiences occasionally with a revolutionary new production the Bar-kays continue to amaze all.

To add to their many accolades and achievements, the Barkays were recently requested to join the roster of Rock and Roll legends by adding garments of their stage wardrobe and a select piece of equipment into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.   Also, James and Larry have signed R&B Icon, J. Blackfoot;  the love man himself, Archie Love,to their record label JEA RIGHT NOW  RECORDS.  The Bar-kays’ released  their first single from their new full length CD single entitled, “SHO-NUFF.” It was produced by James Alexander’s son, “JAZZE PHA.” JAZZE is now one of the top 5 producers in the country.  Their “HOUSE PARTY” was predicted to be one of the biggest records of the Bar-kays’ career. Their second single entitled “SUPERSTAR”produced by J-DAV, a talented new hip hop and r&b producer also a Memphian showed versatility on the part of the BAR-KAYS and especially the vocal capibilities of lead singer Larry Dodson. “WE CANT STAY TOGETHER” (Featuring SHIRLEY BROWN) was the lead song from their new full length cd and it took radio by storm. It is sure to gain a brand new audience for The Bar-kays.  Larry and James have also launched their gospel label, Testimony Records, with the signing of the internationally known “Billy Rivers and The Angelic Voices of Faith”  “Perfection”and “Apostle Bill Adkins.”  The Bar-kays’ ‘HOUSE PARTY” CD was released February 27, 2007 and rose to #32 on R&R.Thier new album “ is Scheduled for a spring 2013 release and their last cd single “RETURN Of The Mack” made huge waves at radio and “GROWN FOLKS” their new single, produced by JAZZE PHA released JULY 31, is already proving to be a smash at radio and is currently a top 20 single on the urban ac charts and rising on the top 100 pop charts. It  is the first release from the group’s 30th career album which features collaborations with iconic artist and producers like JAZZE PHA, GEORGE CLINTON, DOUG E. FRESH,  3 6 MAFIA , EIGHT BALL and  MJG and a host of others ,yet further proof that the legend continues. Having recently signed a multi-year deal with Universal Bungalo Records and Distributors, The Bar-kays are well on their way insuring themselves another decace of great music for their many fans .The Bar-kays have once again help to make history as they were honored to be one of  the first African American performing artist to perform in Iraq and Kuwait for the American troops fighting there.They performed four shows in Iraq and one show in Kuwait under high security.  They were honored  to return to Iraq and Kuwait to perform for the troops for the third and last time before they are pulled out for good. James and Larry said that it was a life changing experience for both of them.

The Bar-kays most recent life story tv special on the popular TV ONE show UNSUNG has been deem by the TV ONE network as the most popular story aired to date by the network, aquiring rave revues and ratings for the network since the network first started the series.

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