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1. Cracks in the Putin Foundation

Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the nation Source:Getty

Cracks in the Putin Foundation


What You Need to Know:


The last 72 hours in Russia have been an interesting, some may say fascinating play of events in that country, that by all accounts, are events in a normal day within the Russian empire, chaotic, corrupt, and abrupt. But this goes beyond Russia, Ukraine, or even the U.S. 


Late Friday, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Russian mercenary organization, the Wagner Group, led a charge against Russian president Vladimir Putin, or in a description now familiar to Americans, an insurrection. Just as Putin launched full-scale attacks on Ukraine and other countries, the tables have turned as the Russian leader appears to be on the defense.

2. Georgia Election Workers Officially Cleared

Georgia Votes Banner Template Source:Getty

Georgia Election Workers Officially Cleared

What You Need to Know:


The Georgia State Election Board dismissed its years-long investigation into alleged misconduct by Fulton County election workers, Ruby Freeman and her daughter, Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, during that state’s 2020 presidential election. The end of this case is more than two years after then-President Donald Trump and his ally, Rudy Giuliani, repeatedly claimed the African American women were counting fake mail-in ballots at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. The board found the claims against the women were “false and unsubstantiated.”

3. Unveiling The Invisible: Marti Hines Sheds Light On The Challenges of M.S.

Dark body with luminous branches on a dark background Source:Getty

Unveiling The Invisible: Marti Hines Sheds Light On The Challenges of M.S.


What You Need to Know:


While she had experienced tingling sensations in her extremities a few weeks prior, Marti brushed it off as a temporary side effect of her recent travels. Little did she know that her life was about to change dramatically.


On one fateful morning, she awoke to find her body partially paralyzed and instantly realized that something was seriously wrong.

Hours of medical tests, examinations, and being rushed to a second hospital led to the revelation of several lesions on her brain and spinal cord through an MRI scan. This discovery was consistent with Multiple Sclerosis.

4. Here We Go Again! GA Police Department Used Black Men’s Photos For Shooting Targets

Police on the crime scene Source:Getty

Here We Go Again! GA Police Department Used Black Men’s Photos For Shooting Targets




What You Need to Know:


On June 17, the Villa Rica Police Department shared images on the department’s Facebook page showing that their shooting targets had photos of Black men. 


On June 20, the Villa Rica Police Department posted an apology on their Facebook page.

Commentators quickly criticized the apology, asking why the targets featured Black men despite the package allegedly including multiple ethnicities.


Dominique Conteh, the NAACP president of the Carroll County branch, posted a response to the department’s apology on Facebook, saying it “…displays a lack of sincerity, sensitivity toward minority residents and makes it abundantly clear that your department lacks the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that all local officials should strive to participate in”. Conteh also said the NAACP is requesting a meeting with the department’s police chief, the Villa Rica mayor, the city manager, and the city councilwoman. 

5. Debt

Upset woman sitting at laptop with credit plastic card and holding his head Source:Getty



What You Need to Know:


DEBT is typically money that is owed or due.  But biblically speaking… debt can be financial or non-financial, like goods, property, a debt of gratitude, a debt of repentance we owe God for our sins.  Now the Bible doesn’t encourage financial debt, but there is one debt it does encourage and that can be found in Romans 13:8 which reads, “Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.”   

 According to Proverbs 22:7, when you are in debt you enter into a slave/master relationship with your creditors.  You should only have one master…and that should be God…I’m just saying.  So if you are in