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In case you’ve been living under a rock or have zero taste in music — no judgement, though! — you might’ve heard by now that iconic group Sade will be releasing a new album after a decade-plus hiatus since their last release, the 2010 classic Soldier of Love.

The Brit-soul collective, often confused as a solo artist due to being named after lead singer Sade Adu, is actually notable for releasing music by the decade — their last three records have dropped in 10-year gaps in 1992, 2000 and 2010, respectively. Now, as the 30th anniversary of the epic Love Deluxe approaches, we now can expect a new body of music from a group of musicians that inspired many generations after them.


Because we view this as a very special occasion in music, it goes without saying that expectations are extremely high for what Sade is bringing in 2022. Since their last release, the industry has gone through an almost unrecognizable transformation. The existence of R&B itself has been debated in recent times, and the Billboard 200 looks quite different since Soldier Of Love debuted 12 years ago at number one with 502,000 physical copies sold in the first week. Can Sade survive in the streaming era? On the flip side, could streams hike up their sales even more given their universal appeal?

One thing for certain is that the world will come to a slight standstill once the album officially releases, and we’ve already got a few ideas that we hope the group decides to include on their highly-anticipated upcoming LP.

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The news was revealed in a Billboard profile on Miraval Studios, the newly rebuilt Provence, France recording studio spearheaded by famed actor Brad Pitt and Damien Quintard. The latter told Billboard of Sade’s upcoming music, “You could feel the love that she and the band had for this place,” adding they were the first artists to record at the reopened Miraval. Can’t wait!

See if you agree with our list below of 10 things we’re hoping end up on the upcoming new Sade album:



1. Bring the Whole Gang Back

It’s only right if all original members and band make it back for the reunion LP. 

2. Keep the Soul Intact

The Sade sound is immediately recognizable, with the ability to warm up even the coldest heart. We hope that affect isn’t lost in the least bit. 

3. Collaboration(s) with Today’s Soul Icons

The closest we’ve ever got to an official Sade collaboration is the featured Jay-Z remix to “The Moon and the Sky.” Although Sade is completely fine on their own, we’d love to see how they sound with other equally talented musicians. 

4. Posthumous Aaliyah Collab?

Soul sisters based on a shared birthday and their smooth-as-silk vocals, Sade Adu and the late Aaliyah coming together in the studio is a work of magic that we sadly will never experience in its truest form due to the “One In A Million” singer’s tragic death in 2001. However, with news that a posthumous album is in the works for Baby Girl, in addition to Sade being in the studio, this could be the perfect opportunity to create a Capricorn collab for the ages.

5. Usher In A New Wave Of Trip-Hop

It’s been widely debated whether or not Sade could be considered trip-hop — see: “No Ordinary Love” — but many of their songs incorporate it so subtly under the jazz overtones that it can be hard to pick up on at first listen. On this project, they could definitely dive deeper and more prominently into the sound even further. 

6. A Second Disc with Remixes by Current Producers

Just like their 2011 greatest hits album, The Ultimate Collection, adding a whole separate disc that allows the group to experiment with producers, genres and remixes would make for an epic LP.

7. Experiment with Original UK Sounds (Grime, UK Garage, Shoegaze etc.)

Sade is rooted in UK music culture, so tapping into that sound would be a refreshing take that we’d love to hear them tackle. They’ve got many subgenres to choose from!

8. Revisit Their Roots in Disco/Funk

Many people aren’t aware that before releasing their 1984 debut LP, Diamond Life, Sade derived from a Latin soul group called Pride that also delved into disco/funk. With the right sampling, this could be a groovy return to form.

9. Keep Sade At the Forefront of Vocals

We had to say it! Although it might be tough on the band to always be confused as one person, what a person she is. the allure of Sade Adu is too rare and original to ever be replaced or overshadowed. 

10. Headlined By A Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

Snoop Dogg once mentioned that his ideal Super Bowl performance would be alongside Sade, and we’d have to agree. Granted, we don’t exactly envision Uncle Snoop co-headlining since Sade is huge enough on its own to rock the entire 15-minute set with nothing but classic hits. Since Rihanna is holding things down for 2023, fingers crossed for 2024!