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1. Will Smith: HIT

Will took handsome to another level debuting scruffy facial hair and a relaxed black suit that oddly worked for the occasion.

2. Whoopi Goldberg and her daughter Alex: MISS

Unfortunately this mother-daughter duo missed the mark on the red carpet.

3. Tyler Perry: HIT

We’ve grown to accept that Tyler will almost never disappoint on the red carpet.

4. Michael B. Jordan: HIT

From the ankles up we’re loving everything about the actor’s ensemble.

5. Lady Gaga: MISS

Gaga’s gown gives us high school prom…and not in a good way.

6. Jamie Foxx and daughter Corrine: HIT

Stunning. Both of them.

7. Jada Pinkett Smith: HIT

Jada stunned in a peach gown that complimented her complexion flawlessly.

8. Gaborey Sidibe: HIT

Gabourey stunned in a fuchsia floor length gown.

9. Angelina Jolie: HIT

Angelina Jolie looked gorgeous in a sheer and bedazzled gown.

10. Kerry Washington: HIT

Kerry Washington goes with the dark lip and steel grey at the 2014 Oscars. We’re feeling the lip color, but we liked the curly hair Kerry of last week better than this look.

11. Lupita Nyong’o: HIT

Lupita Nyong’o chose Prada for her Oscar 2014 look, and she dazzles in sky blue.

12. Robin Roberts: HIT

Robin Roberts, as usual, looked amazing in a purple gown,

13. Chiwetel Ejiofor and date Sara Mercer: HITS

Englishman Chiwetel and his date are so fresh and so clean on Oscars night. The English keep it classy.

14. Viola Davis: HIT

Viola Davis ditches the natural hair and goes with green Escada for the Oscars 2014 red carpet. We’re OK with the dress, but meh on the hair.

15. Tyson Beckford: HIT

Model Tyson Beckford looks quite nice at the Oscars 2014. We have to add him to the best dressed list.

16. Pharrell Williams and wife Helen Lasicchanh: MISSES

Nominee Pharrell Williams and his wife are a quirky couple on the red carpet at the 2014 Oscars. We have to go with miss on these two.

17. Steve McQueen: MISS

The ’12 Years a Slave’ director opts for a classic look. A risk-taking director, he’s not too risky with his look.

18. Shaun Robinson: HIT

Shaun Robinson looked stunning in red,

19. John Legend: MISS

John Legend looked clean cut but BORING!

20. Chrissy Teigan: HIT

Chrissy Teigan’s black and purple floral gown was one of the best of the night.

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