1. 1. Cassie went as an Egyptian Queen and Diddy as Pop Icon Prince. (Twitter)

2. 2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dressed up as a very convincing hulk for Halloween. (Facebook)

3. 3. Rihanna dressed as “Mary Jane” for Halloween. (Twitter)

4. 4. Kevin Heart and his girlfriend dressed as 70’s folks. (Twitter)

5. 5. Christina Milian and her daughter dressed as monsters. (Twitter)

6. 6. Another shot of Rihanna being “Mary Jane” aka marijuana for Halloween. (Twitter)

7. 7. Angela Simmons dressed as an angel. (Twitter)

8. 8. Angela Simmons dressed as an angel. (Twitter)

9. 9. Lance Gross and friends were Old School Compton gangsters. (Twitter)

10. 10. Drake was Borat. (Twitter)

11. 11. The Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade dressed as a superhero. (Twitter)

12. 12. Holly Robinson Peete dressed as pop icon Prince. (Twitter)

13. 13. Kanye West dressed as a sailor, while Kim Kardashian dressed as a mermaid. (Twitter)

14. 14. Diddy’s second costume was the “Dictator.”

15. 15. Lala Anthony dressed as a sexy cat and Kim Kardashian a mermaid. (Twitter)

16. 16. Chris Brown (Middle) and his friends dressed as “terrorists” for Halloween. (Twitter)

17. 17. Keyshia Cole was a baby and her husband was Jerome from “Martin.” (Twitter)

18. 18. Selita Ebanks dressed as a dead Egyptian queen. (Twitter)

19. 19. Lala Anthony was a sexy cat for Halloween. (Twitter)

20. 20. Kardashian momager Kris Jenner dresses as Wonder Woman. (Twitter)

21. 21. Fergie dressed as Lindsay Lohan. (Twitter)

22. 22. Jessica Alba, husband, and their daughter dressed as “The Incredibles.” (Twitter)

23. 23. Nicole Richie and friends were girl scouts. (Twitter)

24. 24. The Parks and Recreation actor Aziz Ansari combined Bane from Batman and James from Thomas the Tank Engine. (Twitter)