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1. Bill Bellamy

Big Thanks Mr. Baker. Aka Grandpa!! Coming out and spending time with all the grandkids!!! We had a blast. We had a lot of damn turkey!!! Safe Flight!! See you soon!!

2. Rachel Lindsay

Just trying to be one of the boys…#fail, but go Longhorns! 🤘🏽 #football #bleedburntorange #squad #hookem

3. Ayesha Curry

Earlier this evening… ready to take on @internationalsmoke for my mamas bday. “I got greens, beans, ribs, potatoes, ham, lamb, yams …. you nameeeee it!” 😂. #smokesignals

4. David Mann

Lost in the woods #themann #blackhunters

5. Eniko Hart

1 week postpartum 💪🏽
I gained a total of 22 lbs during my entire pregnancy. With the help from nursing along with training, & eating well during my pregnancy i must say it was all belly weight. 😜
I remained stress/drama free & kept positive energy around me on a regular basis..for the sake of my health & Zo’s. I say this to say I’m super proud of the progress that I’m making to get back on my feet taking it one day at a is good, life is good! 😊

6. Russell Wilson

My girls! My amazing sis @AWilly03 & my lovely wife @Ciara after the Win! #LoveTheseTwo 📸@DJMogg @West2EastEmpire

7. Fantasia Taylor

ATLANTA, Tonight I stand before you with a different sound and as a Different woman. All of the Greats who have come before me took their craft to another place and to another level. It feels so good when you can be free to do so in this industry. Jazz is not new to me, but it’s new for some of you to hear me sing it. So, Come ready to enjoy good Christmas After Midnight Music and a Story to be told 🎶

8. Cookie Johnson

It’s a boy!! 🍼💙

9. Patti LaBelle

Yesterday at the 91st Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! 😙

10. Tank

Let the church say #RnBMoney! #Tank #Savage #RnBMoney #TheGeneral #SAVAGExTHESOULTOUR #SAVAGEALBUM #music
#singer #worldwide #tour #promo #media
📸 @twelvepastseven

11. Erica Ash

I’m having a damn good day at work today. That is all. #InContemptBET #Gwenning #GwenSullivan #ericaash #wwead #naughtytomboy

12. Leela James

Always a good time and nothing but love on @flyjocktomjoyner morning show! Thank you all again for having me this morning!

13. DMX

Where my dogz at ?!

14. SZA

I️ remember pretending to be vegan cause that’s all I️ could afford lol (chips avocado n salad mix ) I️ remember sleeping on everyone’s couch cause I missed the train AGAIN (thank yall for having me lol ) . Sold my beloved 500$ grillz for 50 bucks at the gold shop for train fair( I️ was SICK 😩 lol ). I️ BEGGED Punch for writers on this project cus I️ thought no one would ever like me the way I️ was . He said “U don’t need em”. I️ remember crying cus I️ didn’t have any hits or a quantifiable “sound”.. I️ remember feeling like damn maybe I suck . maybe I️ should try something else ? Maybe I’m jus wasting space ..Life’s weird . I️ Didn’t have any friends growing up. never gave my parents an opportunity to say “wow my kids killing it” didn’t graduate or do any fly shit before my nana died . been fired from every job I️ ever had ..I remember sobbing on the phone w punch pleading for the album not to come out cause I️ couldn’t take the embarrassment . Just wanted another week . Another day ?..he ignored me n said I’d be fine…This entire thing puts my wildest dreams to shame. I️ dunno what to say cause I️ dunno how to accept its even happening to me lol ? I’ve never won anything in my life even until this week (THANK YOU SOULTRAIN AWARDS!!) it all just feels strange somehow BUT IM SO OVERWHELMINGLY GRATEFUL FOR THIS STRANGENESS!! . I’m so in awe of Gods plan.. I just wanna live up to it. Thank you for listening to me.. thank you for understanding me.. thank u for bonding w my thoughts just the way they were. INFINITE GRATITUDE to the Recording Academy for this INCREDIBLE honor. I️ can’t even believe I’ve been considered. God bless every person who worked on this album or gave it an ear (specially the producers of the century @somethingnebula @iam_c_lang @thankgod4cody 💜) . Thank you Top and Punch for believing in me no matter what (even when I’m on your LAST nerves😊) . Thank u RCA for giving me new
wings🙏🏾 THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS LIFE I️ DONT UNDERSTAND . #Ctrl.. a concept . #mygrannynominatedfor5grammys #TDE

15. Viola Davis

My tribe!❤👍#TBT

16. Beyonce

17. Dwyane Wade

Everyone isn’t pictured here but THANK YOU to our families and friends who celebrated #DelayedThanksgiving with #TheWades. The biggest thanks go out to our Chef @chefrli for the amazing food🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾!!! Great laughs, Greater convos and most importantly an amazing display of singing and dancing to wrap up the night!! #clevelandedition