1. Katt Williams

Check out Katts’ chin tatt! It’s an owl. He got the tatt in San Francisco back in 2012.

2. NFL WR Jacoby Jones showed off his tattoos all the time on “DWTS”.

3. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has his family history tattooed on his arm & chest. Shaq also has some cool tattoos.

4. Actor Christian Keyes bears a cross on his chest.

5. Lenny Kravitz has some beauties including a dragon, flowers, cross, etc.

6. The Game has several tattoos; NWA logo, a tribute to his LA heritage by his eye.

7. Nelly’s best known piece of ink is on his right bicep.

8. Eminem has lots of ink. Hayley, his daughter is the largest.

9. Dr. Dre best known for the tatts on the back of his hands.

10. Ludacris back in the day he showed off some skin and ink, mostly religious.

11. 50 Cent was one of the most inked hip hop stars before he had them removed.

12. Lil Wayne got lots of ink. The teardrops are the no. of family members killed.

13. Chris Brown has had tattoos ever since he was 13.

14. Mike Tyson most visible is the Maori on his face.

15. Kobe Bryant got ink of his wife and daughters.

16. Dennis Rodman has an extraordinary amount of tattoos.

17. LeBron James most famous tattoo is on his back, which reads “Chosen1”.

18. David Beckham is absolutely covered in tattoo artwork, mostly religious.