1. Common

T H A N K Y O U! May god bless the soul of the great Maurice White.

2. Tasha Smith

#mauricewhite #earthwindandfire is some of my favorite music to this day! Much love to the White family ❤️🙏🏾

3. Jussie Smollett

Truly one of the greatest. Sing on Mr. White. 🙌🏿 #MauriceWhite #EarthWindAndFire 🙏🏿

4. Miguel

you’re free now …untill the 12 of never. thank you so much Maurice. #MauriceWhite

5. Quest Love

Maurice was our cheerleader…..i swear to god I did about 7 drafts and erased it. Look. I just really wanna thank him and thank all the members of #EWF shining that light brighter. You know how hard it is to present Afrocentric Jazz & spiritual positivity in the face of what we had to deal with in the 70s? When times were hard sometimes the only release you had was music. & if it wasn’t Stevie, you were reaching for your #EarthWindAndFire albums. I would get so lost in those records man. Just lose myself. Fav logo ever. The interludes (specially the One after “All Bout Love” (“Steph”) id “pause tape” that minute interlude for 45 mins on cassette—that alone would put me in a positive trance to face another day selling insurance to pay for the Roots demo.–seriously it was either that tape or drugs to ease my mind—I chose the music)–but if you really look at it —-it’s limiting to say #EWF was our black Floyd or the Black Beatles to Pfunk’s Stones—look I’m rambling—I just got done work, working on 3 projects and getting ready for #BowlTrain —but this really hurts man. Maurice really truly made African art so sophisticated & beautiful. —I feel like erasing this and starting again but you know where my heart is. #MauriceWhite

6. Lenny Kravitz

#MauriceWhite. King. Genius. Leader. Teacher. Producer. Arranger. Writer. Multi-instrumentalist. Motivator. Mystic. Through his music and artistic expression, he taught me a lifetime’s worth of knowledge. He is at the top of the list of all of the greatest masters. The music he left behind as Earth, Wind and Fire, mixed with his messages of love, will live on forever. #RIPMaurice #earthwindandfire

7. Anita Baker

8. Jill Sott

9. Holly Robinson Peete

10. Traci Braxton