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Friendships come and go, but some fallouts particularly hurt, even for strangers on the outside looking in. Case in point, Daryl Hall is suing his long-time musical partner John Oates, and social media is in shambles over it.

Is Hall & Oates, the Philadelphia natives are responsible for some all-time great, Blue-Eyed Soul grooves including “Private Eyes,” “Man Eater” and “I Can’t Go For That.” Their songs have also been sampled extensively by Hip-Hop artists through the decades.

But unfortunately, the duo is clearly no longer on good terms as reportedly Hall is suing Oates for reasons that aren’t particularly clear. Philadelphia Magazine reported on November 20 that Oates sued Hall in Nashville Chancery Court on November 16. However, the details of the lawsuit are under seal.

Adding further duress to fans of the duo that has eight platinum albums under their belt is the news that Hall has filed, and been granted, a restraining order against Oates which is scheduled to begin on November 30.

While Hall & Oates have toured and performed together for years—and have broken up and reunited before—the litigation has social media declaring this is end times. Sure it’s hyperbole, but this is Hall & Oates we’re talking about here.

See some of the more dramatic reactions in the gallery.

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