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3 thoughts on “Email Tom Joyner

  1. Greetings Mr.Joyner In August of 2002 My Son Malik White was Murdered under mistaken identify” It was Sixteen Year’s ago but You Sent Me a card Sending Your Condolences about My Son Malik’s death 5 Years Later In June of 2007 My Oldest Daughter Robin was Murdered Lord Have Mercy” I have 1 Child Left & been raising granddaughters of My Late Children , Malik’s daughter name after her Father who has never held ( tears for all 4 granddaughters) but now Kind Sir I Host A Event In Malik Memory” & Mr.Joyner My Focus Is Black On Black Crime Against Gun Violence I Am Inviting To St.Louis August 18th 2018 My email is f.ramona22@ gmail.com 314 755 9249 alternative# 314 230 3020 Malik’s Murder Was The Mike Brown of it’s time but it was One Of Us Who Murdered My Son” It Is Free To Get In The Event, I am asking for community support to my constituents to help with Boookbags school supplies I just hoping That Mr Joyner Would Respond To My Son’s Anniversary 16/16 Also I will send A Flyer In Jesus Name God Bless Please Respond Thank You Ramona

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