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6 thoughts on “Email Tom Joyner

  1. Carrie Dixon on said:

    The Indiana Association of Black Psychologists (IABPsi) is sponsoring a community free workshop on Violence Trauma Grief and Healing. The learning objectives are: 1. Affects of trauma on your brain and spirit, 2. Emotional Malnutrition and 3. Healing techniques. The workshop is scheduled for Saturday December 1, 2018, at 37th Place Edna Martin Center, Indianapolis IN. Space is limited to the first 50 adult registrants. To register call 317-643-2227 or email indianaabpsi@gmail.com. For questions contact Dr. Carrie Dixon 765-643-0181.

  2. Crystal Jones on said:

    I live in Cleveland Ohio and I want the citizens to know that we all have to get involved in environmental causes and protect the environment.In 2015 at least 9 million people died from pollution and instead of fighting each other why not put that energy in fighting a cause that’s presently killing an astonishing number of people???

  3. Dwayne BOYKINS on said:

    This REDNECK is totally indicative of the RACIST ATTITUDES prevalent and espoused by the current administration. DONALD DUMBASS is fostering these RACIST ATTITUDES!!! May THE LORD strike this INGLORIOUS BASTARD DEAD!!!

  4. Greetings Mr.Joyner In August of 2002 My Son Malik White was Murdered under mistaken identify” It was Sixteen Year’s ago but You Sent Me a card Sending Your Condolences about My Son Malik’s death 5 Years Later In June of 2007 My Oldest Daughter Robin was Murdered Lord Have Mercy” I have 1 Child Left & been raising granddaughters of My Late Children , Malik’s daughter name after her Father who has never held ( tears for all 4 granddaughters) but now Kind Sir I Host A Event In Malik Memory” & Mr.Joyner My Focus Is Black On Black Crime Against Gun Violence I Am Inviting To St.Louis August 18th 2018 My email is f.ramona22@ gmail.com 314 755 9249 alternative# 314 230 3020 Malik’s Murder Was The Mike Brown of it’s time but it was One Of Us Who Murdered My Son” It Is Free To Get In The Event, I am asking for community support to my constituents to help with Boookbags school supplies I just hoping That Mr Joyner Would Respond To My Son’s Anniversary 16/16 Also I will send A Flyer In Jesus Name God Bless Please Respond Thank You Ramona

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