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Millions of babies in the U.S. rely on formula, which is the only source of nutrition recommended for infants who aren’t exclusively breastfed.

The grim fate of abortions becoming illegal again got a step closer to becoming reality after a bill packaged as the Women's Health Protection Act failed at Senate.

Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper makes the bold claim in his new memoir, 'A Sacred Oath,' that Donald Trump actually suggested shooting protesters at Washington’s Lafayette Square in the immediate wake of George Floyd's 2020 death.

Tulsa County District Court Judge Caroline Wall made a move in court on Monday that could prove to be a game-changer by giving the green light on a reparations lawsuit for survivors and descendants of the many we lost in the infamous 1921 Tulsa Race Riots.

The FDA is looking to eliminate a new generation of menthol addicts by banning the organic compound from being added to both cigarettes and cigars in the near future.

“You know, they always said, ‘Don’t give up. Don’t give up,’” he says. And that’s what we got to do. Stick with it. ... You know, we didn’t come this far to turn around.”

Many of us weren't expecting to hear from convicted murderer Derek Chauvin for a long time following his 22-year prison sentence last summer for the 2020 death of George Floyd. However, that day unfortunately came far too soon now that he's making headlines in an attempt to get an appeal.

As of today, the Philadelphia Police Department is taking new strides on the path to inclusivity. They have just announced that Leslie Marant is going to be the first-ever Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer. Philadelphia Police Department Commissioner Danielle M. Outlaw took to Twitter to announce the news. According to a conversation with 6ABC, […]

An English teacher at Greenfield High School in Missouri became a martyr in the ongoing Critical Race Theory debate after she was fired when a parent reported her for teaching CRT by way of a worksheet titled "How Racially Privileged Are You?"

After weeks of anticipation and an intense Senate hearing, Ketanji Brown Jackson has officially been confirmed to be the next U.S. Supreme Court Judge. The historic vote makes her the first Black woman to serve on the highest court in America.

The U.S. House of Representatives may have brought us one step closer to the legalization of marijuana after passing a legislation today that would make cannabis use legal nationwide and decriminalized at the federal level.

Scientists are preparing to introduce a new form of birth control for males, which has so far been 99% effective in preventing pregnancy amongst lab rats.