Pastors decided not to cancel service, they still held church and put themselves and their church members at risk. D.L. says people “they risked their lives” in order to attend church instead of using the “discernment” God gave us and being wise. Ir was unwise for pastors to call their congregations together and for those […]

Yusef Salaam spent years of his life in prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. Salaam is a member of the “exonerated five.” When Salaam was “wrongly convicted” he “leaned on his faith,” to get through D.L. says. Now, the country is in the middle of a crisis and  fearful but also faithful. Salaam […]

D.L. says that is is “amazing,” to see how Americans are coming together during this pandemic. Now, the United States is leading the world in confirmed number of coronavirus cases. So, he sarcastically says that Trump kept his promise and made America number 1. Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has been taking the national […]

We’re all doing our best to stay healthy and one of the things we’re doing is sanitizing everything! But, there are some things that most of us are forgetting about. Often times people forget to sanitize their light switches, cooking utensils, washer and dryer handles and your throw blankets. Listen to the audio above for […]

The department of justice  is asking to keep suspects behind bars without trails due to the coronavirus pandemic. They’re looking for emergancy powers for judges to be able to suspend trials in emergent situations and allow congress to hold video conferences without the defendants consent. Critics say this would violate constitutional rights.

D.L. does not believe that he knows more than anyone else, but what he does know is that the leaders of the country agreed to spend $2 trillion to keep the economy going. He also knows that that amount of money has never been spent before in the history of the country. So, he says […]

The congress passed a $2 Trillion coronavirus stimulus package. Here’s what that means, anyone making less than $75,000 a year will receive a $1,200 payment and those who make $100,000 or more will get nothing. D.L. finds that funny that the millionaires and big companies will get bailouts, but the middle class get nothing. Wouldn’t […]

We have seen some great movies come out so far in 2020 but some are super underrated. One is called “Swallow,” and no it’s not a dirty movie. It’s about a woman eats strange things like marbles but now has to stop because she’s pregnant. Another is The Assistant, which is pretty much like the […]

Thanks to the coronavirus we’re all stuck inside our homes. And if you have kids you’re stuck at home with them and now you have to be their teacher too! Here are some tips for homeschooling success! Create a homeschooling schedule and stick to it, also set specific goals for your kids who are now […]

A social media influencer has gone viral after filming herself licking a toilet seat on the airplane calling it the “coronavirus challenge.” She said that she wants people to know how to be sanitary while on an airplane and has felt fine since the stunt. She also didn’t believe that her behavior put her at […]

According to researchers horse milk can help fight cancer. The horse’s milk is reportedly higher in a protean that is easily absorbed by humans compared to cow’s milk. These proteins are believed to help control blood pressure, and fight cancer because they have anti-inflammatory effects. They also stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the […]

We have all been instructed to practice social distancing. But, what does that mean for sex?  Well, here are some tips. First and foremost, make sure you’re both healthy. It is also suggested that you chat with each other on Skype instead of in person, if you can. Also make sure that you’re sending sexy […]